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Since ancient times, myths have spoken of the how’s and why’s located at the limits of human understanding, designating that place where intellect fails. For this issue, Simulacrum delves into the world of mythological storytelling, resurrecting mythical figures while portraying how these have gone through metamorphoses, their meanings and interpretations transforming through time, shifting shapes. We celebrate this issue with our outdoor launch bringing the mythical to the public sphere.

Throughout Amsterdam, you will find works from Yuri Sato, Zwaantje Kurpershoek and Marie Ilse Bourlanges. Their works are featured in our latest Simulacrum issue MYTHS in which Marie Ilse Bourlanges contributes by knitting words together as if they were made from yarn, ‘Stranded’ lets itself be read like a blue and grey knitted sweater during the coldest time of year. Graphic artist Yuri Sato brings us ‘Glossing Tongues,’ in which she explores the different myths and metaphors surrounding disease and the removal of one’s tongue.

The flat, spacious works of Zwaantje Kurpershoek, student at the Sandberg Institute, borrow visual elements from the animal kingdom, everyday technique, and the world of gaming and anime. Their hybrid character challenges the viewer to decipher those objects that are ‘in-between’, and ask us what is needed to call something ‘real’. Why does our conventional reality dominate the fantasy world?

Our issue MYTHS is available at your local bookstore or online, via our instagram or email.

Stranded, artistic essay by Marie Ilse Bourlanges, takes as a starting point a project by Virginie Rebetez, Vous trouverez mon corps au petit port (2020). The posters for the paper exhibition erroneously only mention Marie Ilse Bourlanges. The works are a collaboration between Bourlanges and artist Virginie Rebetez. Please find the correct captions below:

Archive #1, Virginie Rebetez, Vous trouverez mon corps au petit port, 2020

Punchcards, Virginie Rebetez & Marie Ilse Bourlanges, Vous trouverez mon corps au petit port, 2020

 Stranded, Marie Ilse Bourlanges, color pencil study drawings on squared paper, 4 x A3, Vous trouverez mon corps au petit port, 2020