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‘These are the lines meant to be read out loud’

Luca Penning

In ‘Travelogue with prompts’, Taiwanese artist M.C. Julie Yu subtly disrupts the hierarchies between body and subtext. By playing with the linearity inherent in reading and the placing of the text within the frame of the page, she guides the reader between different spaces and time frames, creating new connections continuously.

M.C. Julie Yu (Taipei, 1989) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Her works include a wide variety of media, such as video, performance, and installation. Her recent practices focus on the personal experience as a migrant, specifically related to senses of otherisation in postcolonial and capitalist cultural phenomena. The text was originally written as a single piece in the winter of 2018, and was revisited for the issue STIL(TE) // STILL(NESS). 

Next to this, Yu made an audiovisual rendition of the text for our ongoing online symposium on the topic of silence and stillness, which is online until the end of this month. You can find her work and contributions such as interviews, sound art and lectures from our other authors at 

Download her text here: