‘Who benefits from our art?’

Nicholas Burman in conversation with Cultural Workers Unite A recent issue of Simulacrum organised around the theme of levenswerk (life/work) sought to address ‘the layered relationship between the artist, life, and work.’ The labour that goes into the production and reproduction of creative practices has indeed been badly served by the hegemonic myth of the singular … meer

In conversation with Suat Öğüt: talking about monumental memory

“The best monument (…) may be no monument at all, but only the memory of an absent monument.” – James E. Young For our latest issue on monuments Nicholas Burman interviewed artist Suat Öğüt. Suat Öğüt’s multimedia installations are demonstrations that the production of memory is a social process. His 2017 work, Solidarity of The … meer

In Conversation with DNK Amsterdam: The experimental art and music performance collective discusses improvisation, situations and audience

On the occasion of the launch of our latest issue on sound, DNK Amsterdam – a constellation of artists and musicians that interrogates the intersection of sound, performance, music and the public sphere- produced a studio recreation of their original performance ‘Manifesto’ which took place at artist space W139 on 12th of January 2020, that can be listened … meer