Tijdschrift voor kunst en cultuur

Podcast Evenement Levenswerk


Header taken from Alina Lupu’s book You Asshole

Introduction by Otto Duistermaat 

(7.30 min)

Otto introduces the theme ‘Levenswerk’, the programme of the evening, the relevance of the myth of the artist today and the discoveries and struggles we had during the coming together of this issue of Simulacrum. 

Interview with Sandra Kisters by Désirée Kroep and Otto Duistermaat

(55.24 min)

Désirée and Otto interview Sandra about her book ‘The Lure of the Biographical’, which investigates how the life of the artist can be read into their work and has been a leading reference in both the field of biographical research as well as our current issue of Simulacrum. They ask Sandra about her methods of research and discuss the advantages and pitfalls of the ‘biographical reading’, from the bohemian persona of Bacon to the worth of the biopic. 

Screening of ‘The Pendant’ and a conversation between Mayis Rukel and Luca Penning

(37.12 min)

Luca Penning introduces artist and filmmaker Mayis Rukel and his film ‘The Pendant’. After watching the film, they engage in a conversation about the merging of fiction and reality, the power of manipulative storytelling and the roles of the personal and political. Includes an excerpt from the soundtrack of ‘The Pendant’. 

Reading from , You Asshole by Alina Lupu, and discussing precarious situations

(42.39 min)

Alina Lupu reads the article that she contributed to this issue of Simulacrum. An excerpt from her self-published book , you asshole. she observes how different artists have attempted to extract themselves from the art world. Both her practice and her style of writing question whether we can, or should want to, separate art from life. Alina then opens up a discussion about a specific situation at Perdu and the often precarious situations of those working in the cultural sector.